Spider-Man: Far From Home Easter eggs you may have missed

Spider-Man: Far from home, no Marvel movie would have been appropriate if it wasn’t full of Easter eggs. The gentle references run the gamut from memos of characters from other Marvel Cinematic Universe films to specific comic book-related issues.

Below is a summary of Easter eggs far from home and what they mean for the MCU.

Below are loads of spoilers far from home, so consider your spoiler warning.

Who is thirsty for hydro-man?
After the children survive the Water Elemental attack in Venice, one of them mentions a buzzpid article reporting a man named Morris Bench, who has water power. It’s the same name from Hydro-Man, a Spider-Man villain who can turn his body into water. A bench is considered to be one of Spidey’s bad guys who usually deal with groups of other weak villains.

Peter’s uncle, Ben Parker, is only minimally mentioned in the two MCU Spider-Man films, and “Far from Home” is only nodded when the “BFP” acronym appears on a suitcase. The initials refer to Uncle Ben’s full name, Benjamin Franklin Parker.

In the latest episode of Fat Man Beyond, co-host Bernardine noted that the suitcase is a metaphor for the “suitcases” that Peter passes on to his dead uncle. “The Cargo” disappears at the end of the movie.

Earth 616 and 833
As mentioned in a review by CNET colleagues, Roger Cheng, on the biggest WTF questions from our home, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall) says he came from Earth 833 that was destroyed to help save Earth-616. Although proven to be false, 616 is the epithet for Earth in the Marvel comics. Earth-833 is an alternate universe first mentioned in the Spider-Ware event in the comics as Spiderman UK’s home. Marvel considers the MCU to Earth-199999.

Betty Brant introduces Stage 4
After the “touching” tribute to Tony Stark and Captain America, Betty Brant (Angori Rice) briefly mentions that “we are moving to a new stage in our lives.” For those wondering about Brant herself, in the comics, she is a secretary to JJ Jameson (JK Simmons) and one of Peter Parker’s love affairs before marrying Mary-Jane Watson.

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