Pope baptizes Italy ‘migrant hero’ at Easter Eve service

Ukrainian City (Reuters) – Pope Francis led an Easter vigil service on Saturday, baptizing eight adults, including a formerly undocumented Nigerian immigrant beggar, who became a hero when he disarmed an Italian thief.

The baptism took place during a long holy Saturday, or Easter eve, a mass of about 10,000 people at St. Peter’s Basilica.

The church, the largest in the world of Christ, was dark at the beginning of the service before turning on lights, signifying the transition from dark to light when the Bible says Jesus rose from the dead.

Traditionally, the pope welcomes new church members during Saturday night service.

This year, among those baptized was John Ogah, 31, whom the Italian newspapers last year called “the immigrant hero” and continued as an example of courage and good citizenship.

Ugha pleaded for a change outside the supermarket in the Rome neighborhood where many immigrants live last September, when a 37-year-old Italian detainee who just held the store with caliber and evaded about € 400, reportedly a Catholic TV station TV2000.

According to the La Republic newspaper, the Nigerian, who had no permit to stay in Italy, held the man until police arrived and then left.

Police officers who used footage from surveillance cameras followed and rewarded him by helping him get a legal permit to stay in the state.

An Italian carabineri police chief working in the neighborhood, Nunzio Carbonet, was his godfather, or sponsor, at Saturday’s baptism service.

Carbon and his fellow police officers helped Oja obtain his immigration documents. The Nigerian is now working as a warehouse inventory in a charity.

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