Easter table decor ideas to make your bank holiday feast, and your Instagram, look special

Easter weekend is the best time to catch up with friends and family for a leisurely lunch. However, it is not just about perfect roast lamb cooking.

Impress your guests with a trendy, seasonal table that will make them itch to post it on their gram for their followers.

Here, Lucy Ward, creative director at the online boutique market Trouva.com, reveals her top tips on how to dress your table for Easter – and make it stand out on social media.

Keep it up properly

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Why not have a better time filling your house with rabbit bunnies
Place in the center of the table a handmade tray or tray full of bread, eggs or flowers to create a country center that creates an old-fashioned and healthy aesthetic.

Refreshingly moving away from the settings of the venue in a sleek ‘showroom’ style, home-made organic arrangements create a sense of beautiful imperfection.

Alternative flowers

Embrace the 2018 Botanical Trend and decorate your dining area with plant owners that include air plants and no traditional flower arrangements.

These smart plants are more than just beautiful – they have air-purifying properties that will add a breath of fresh air to your Easter celebrations.

Keep it simple

Create a peaceful aesthetic dining table with simple ceramic housewares.

In terms of colors, stick to calm and serene shades this season with a galvanized linen tablecloth or a table runner. Dress the entire table with natural napkins washed to create an air of refinement effortlessly.

Choose weird Ig cups

Introduce a touch of fun to your table plan by choosing egg cups to lead a design that is appropriate for each of your guests to take home as an Easter present.

Choose from classic, ceramic and even animal-inspired egg cups to suit all personalities and ages in the family – it’s safe to start a conversation and put a smile on their faces.

Soft furniture

Staying at home for Easter Sunday is about spending time with family and friends in a pleasant setting.

Add texture and warmth to your dining room by furnishing your chairs with contrasting wool or woven pillows.

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