10 No-Candy Easter Baskets for Kids

Easter alphabet basket
If your preschooler is studying the alphabet or is starting to read, create an Easter basket inspired by Sunshine Confetti. Encourage your child’s progress by including a favorite storybook, alphabet textbook, block letters, cookie cutter and play-do and other age-appropriate writing tools. And add bubbles – just because they’re so much fun!

Easter basket creative play
Kiddos can play with everything in this Easter basket from a messy parent’s home – including the bucket itself. This sand bucket is laden with pom-pom green thread instead of plastic grass and topped with goodies that include chalk-eggs, a rabbit-doll DIY, a print memory game, “carrot” orange silly soup, and plastic eggs full of letter stickers.

A fun Easter basket outside
Welcome to warm weather with a small bucket can play with it throughout the summer. Take a cue from “My Mother Style” and make your Easter basket more fun by filling it with outdoor toys such as kite, water squirrel, jump rope and frisbee. Don’t forget to add bubbles, outdoor play clothes and sunglasses. You can even catch water balloons and bouncing balls.

Artist’s Easter Basket
Fill your talented Picasso talent with a lush basket full of art, like the one from Cool Progeny. Set imagination and unleash creativity with a variety of materials like construction paper, colored pencils and washable markers, clay modeling, non-toxic paint and play-do.

Easter basket-carrying
Does your toddler love cars, trucks and anything with wheels? Create a transport-themed Easter basket like this one from My Life of Travels and Adventures. Fill a basket to end with books, puzzles and cars as a firefighter to search and find vehicles.

Do Easter Egg Hunting? Filled with big plastic eggs in matchbox cars. Or add your own touches by adding Disney cars and aircraft DVDs.

Little Easter Basket
Let spring be your inspiration, as it is this idea of ​​the country-friendly Easter basket featured in Design Mom. Pack a small wooden crate with everything your child will need to plant his own mini-garden: seed packets, vegetable and fruit starters, kid-sized gardening tools, gardening books, and even a sweet home-stuffed rabbit.

Easter gardening basket
If your green thumb is ready for work, design an Easter basket such as the one that elephants put on the surprise. Let my miniseries join you in the gardening role with gardening tools and kids-sized gloves, a magnifying glass, an irrigation box, seed packs or a plant-growing kit and themed board books. Don’t forget to add some garden-grown edibles like apples and tomatoes, or plastic eggs filled with juicy berries.

Easter basket
What’s more expensive than snuggling up with your little one on a good book, whether for fun or bedtime? Put a variety of books, finger puppets or tablet sets alone and other accessories for storytelling. Then wrap up all the things in Toto, like the one created by Mom’s niche, to make the time story special throughout the year.

Peter Rabbit’s Easter Basket
The classic Beatrix Potter stories are the inspiration for the Easter basket that evokes its signals from Live Like You Are Rich. Gather a selection of pastel-colored books with a rabbit or duck, stuck some stuffed friends in the cutout, and finished ordering the basket with some white eggs decorated with a simple rabbit stamp.

Easter basket in the center of Christ
Remind your child of the religious significance of the holiday with an Easter basket focused on Jesus, such as the “Home Fairy.” Fill a basket to end with religious activity books, Easter books and creative and inspirational stickers. Add finishing touches with a Veggie Tales DVD and a children’s worship disc.

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